Thursday, 24 March 2016


Nationality - Romanian
Game - Cash
Current Followers - 2890
Largest MTT Score - $1,400
Channel Views - 57,608
Achievements - Over $50k in profit playing micro's, Coached over 200 players in the last year.

Scrimitzu is one of the most inspiring guys ive read about on Twitch, he’s had a tough background and it’s inspiring how he got into the game, had a lot of knock backs but stuck at it and made a living.
His dream as a youngster was to be a pro basketball player, but the dream passed him by when he picked up a shock injury to his leg that took him out the game shortly after starting college. Scrim went into a low point in his life with no other goals or ambitions to shoot for, drinking and partying a lot dumping a lot of money.
This is when poker came into Scrim’s life, he was inspired seeing Dwan run up $50 into $MILLIONS playing online. So he started off playing 2nl on Stars and ended up 24 tabling making around $450 a month. Unfortunately, before he could start building up a bigger roll and moving up in stakes he was scammed and lost basically all his bankroll leaving him with around $25 in his account.

After another tough knock Scrim hit another down point in his life getting kicked out of his home and having to find another place to stay he got down on himself but was still determined to have another go at poker. 
Scrim found a room for $80 went back to poker trying to run it up once again. 
He was so determined to succeed this time that he barely ate for 2 weeks playing a ton of poker on a diet of bread and mustard. 
The positive of this was he was winning and had managed to make $300 in 2 weeks. His big break came when a friend and fellow grinder offered him $100 to try out 10nl on 888 Poker. 
Scrim ran that up to $500 in the first week and didn't look back from there making over $1k per month playing micro stakes cash online. He never looked back and now has over $50k in profit over 2.5 million hands and incredibly that's mostly from grinding 10nl. 
His story is a great one and definately deserved to be in this article, but now i guess we should start talking about his stream.

Scrim has an incredible work rate when it comes to streaming and poker, he put in tons of hours coaching while still finding the time to stream, grind, produce more content. He has coached over 200 players in the last year and a few of those have been poker streamers you may know from Twitch. One of those is the aussie i did my first article on Jake Upton, other streamers include Hristivoje, Biggest Nacho, Olkev, MassiveGoesWild and Dapokergun who starts his stream next week. Scrim regularly shows his coaching sessions with these guys over on his Twitch channel.

He also has a website and YouTube channel called CrushTheMicros that you guys should definitely check out, he has over 70 strategy videos over on YouTube and his website has some great video’s coaching deals etc. all these and his social media links will be at the bottom of the article.

To sum it up, Scrimitzu’s is a hard working, dedicated guy that has a lot to offer in coaching and entertainment. He is great in front of a camera, always having fun on his streams and of course the educational content is just awesome. I hope he carries on broadcasting all his great coaching session’s because i know it helps my game and hopefully you guys will enjoy and learn something from them too!

Link to Scrimitzu's Channel - HERE

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